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24 April 2017 at 17:16

Today, you are a HR function or else you are manager of team or contractor? You facilitate the development of career and talent, you identify potential and you recruit… Unless you’re in a position of internal coach or manager-coach to accompany transformations, teams, individuals, entrepreneurs and their start-up…

Or your company live changes and you want to accompany the individuals and teams that surround you in these moments of transition? 

Then our coaching programs are made for you!

Indeed, our coaching program will give you the tools and the posture you need. They will allow you to gain impact and mobilization of your environment. But they will also bring you back and personal ecology necessary for your business.

At the end of program, you will be holders of an internationally recognized certificate by ICF. It’s the International Coach Federation: the first world coach association with 30,000 members in 135 countries. This will be your new professional competence certificate! And also the door open to a future coach practitioner internal or external certification, if you wish.

To learn more about our ICF accredited coaching program, attend one of our breakfasts of information!

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