Our programme is adapted into several formats and tackles individual, team and organisation coaching. It is offered in several languages (French, English, Portuguese, Italian) in several locations (Paris, Aix-Marseille, Lisbon, São Paulo, New York, Shanghai), and in several formats (face-to-face or blended face-to-face and webinar)

All our programmes have been accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) since 2004, the leading international federation bringing together around 30,000 coaches from over 135 countries.

The Activision training courses are designed and coordinated by Professional Coaches working in business to support supervisors, managers, teams and transformations.

Principles and Learning Objectives:

  • A programme focused on acquiring the correct approach and the 11 core competencies of a coach based on the ICF reference: a pragmatic approach supplemented with the input of the trainers, who are all experienced and ICF certified coaches.
  • The inclusion of the main concepts, techniques, tools and behaviours to work as a coach along 3 lines: individuals, teams and organisation
  • Practical training with individual and group supervision and mentoring, inter-session work in peer groups
  • Encouraging trainees to get into coaching as quickly as possible with a supervised work placement

In figures:

  • 500 people already trained in France and overseas
  • 15 people on average per class
  • 96% of participants receive their certification after the training
  • Over 150 HR officers and internal coaches at major international groups have been certified over the past three years (L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, Danone, Bayard, DB Schenker, Chanel, etc.)

Interested? The course targets professionals responsible for managing transformation and the development of human resources, HR officers or HR directors, managers, change leaders, consultants, internal or external trainers. It is also aimed at psychologists and other support professionals. Enrolment in one of the courses takes place after an interview with our learning manager.

STRUCTURE OF THE ACTIVISION CITO PROGRAMME - Coaching Individuals, Teams and Organisations


Professional training

Complete course
« Acquire the basics of coaching » « Make your coaching technique professional » « Become a professional coach »
Modules count
3 modules
8 days
10 hours
6 modules
15 days
10 hours
8 modules
20 days
10 hours
M1 = Approach and basic tools for individual coaching
M2 = Approach and basic tools for team coaching
M3 = Individual coaching training
M4 = Individual coaching
M5 = Coaching Teams and Organisations
M6 = Professional training
M7 = Written and oral certification examinations
M8 = Promoting your style and identity as a coach
programmes certifiants en coaching activision coaching


A compact format which looks at 3 aspects during the same course :
Individuals, Teams and Organisations

  • Learning focused 2/3 on practice in groups of 2/3 : personalised feedback, individual mentoring and a supervised work placement
  • A learning system designed for a successful Activision certification
  • Discovering several reference frameworks, models and tools
  • Small groups to encourage experimentation, observation and interactions with trainers
  • Individual and group mentoring (10 to 12 hours in total)
  • Lead trainers on hand throughout the course for better tracking of participant progress
  • A range of participants to offer differing views



Activision Coaching offers a professional training certificate after the course subject to meeting the conditions described below.


Our training is registered with the French Register of Professional Skills (RNCP) under reference 29424 and can be used to obtain the title of Professional Coach, a level II (Fr) and level 6 (EU) professional certification, code NSF 315, registered with the RNCP through the decree dated 8 December 2017 published in the OG dated 21 December 2017.

Our training is eligible for the CPF, registered on the COPANEF list under number 249046.


Find our prices, our terms of enrolment and cancellation and our terms for receiving the certification in this document.


The APEL procedure takes place in three stages:

  • Step 1: Creation of administrative record
  • Step 2: Accreditation of experience - the candidate must demonstrate that they are proficient in the skills described in the professional coach reference and the way that they have put them into practice
  • Step 3: Presentation before the jury - a coaching session observed by a jury for 30 minutes to demonstrate the candidate’s coaching skills

The candidate has access to personalised brochures throughout the accreditation procedure. Personalised support is offered by the organisation. For more information, please contact us.


programmes certifiants en coaching activision coaching