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In 2017, Variations International became a partner of Apogée Consulting, with the launch of the Activision Coaching training programmes in the Grand Sud region of France.

Based in Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume near to Aix en Provence, Apogée Consulting has supported companies for over twenty years in Human Resources Development with its network of certified training consultants and coaches, committed long-term and bound by shared values such as professionalism and individual respect.

Apogée Consulting’s mission:

“To support Managers and Executive Committees with the strategy and implementation of organisational changes at each stage of an organisation’s development”

During its first ten years, the firm mainly helped major manufacturers and service companies in the PACA region to recruit and successfully onboard their employees, then prepare for career changes

Apogée Consulting then helped design and coordinate a Management training course for the Metallurgy industry, by creating complete qualifying systems encouraging a range of learning methods - peer training days, individual inter-session coaching, developing and implementing a project within an organisation and commitment to a personal and professional Manager process

Currently Apogée Consulting offers its services to managers and teams who have a genuine Coaching requirement as well as individual and collective supervision and Mentoring for support professionals in accordance with the ICF code of ethics.

Supporting students in their personal development and developing their career has always been a goal of the firm. Initially with Master’s degree students at the ESC Marseille group then with the IDRAC Business School group in the “Engineering New Business Models” specialism.

Apogée Consulting also offers qualifying Inter and Intra Companies MBTIO training as part of its partnership with OPP ldt, a European leader in psychotechnical tools.


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Activision and Variations have been partners with LER for over 10 years to motivate and maximise the value created for the entrepreneur and all stakeholders. Activision also trains LER business coaches in coaching tools and techniques applied to entrepreneurship.

LER is a group of entrepreneurs mainly from the digital industry, which works on request by founders or shareholders - investment funds, family office, business banking - for companies earning between €2 million and €100 million turnover and with excellent acceleration, development or optimisation potential.

LER develops adapted systems to maximise value creation in very short time frames of 1 to 9 months, generally based on the reinforcement of the strategic committee and/or management committee, associated with other operational activities (capital restructuring, build-up, asset transfers).

Variations and LER has jointly developed a team effectiveness questionnaire: the “Aristote” tool to decrypt the keys to success for a team and to make them rapidly operational, and to lead “hackathon or start-up weekend” type missions to develop entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in major international groups.

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Kalher Brazil will be the exclusive distributor of Activision Coaching programmes in Brazil. The first course will start in December 2017. Kalher Brazil - managed by Jean Clément Rose - distributes the Process Communication model in Brazil since 2015, and already has a team of 20 trainers.

The Activision and Variations teams have been trained for over 15 years in the approaches developed by Kahler Communication International (KCI) and have established a close and long-term partnership with Kahler Communication France, specialising in improving the effectiveness of interpersonal communication, and the exclusive distributor of the Process Communication Model (PCM) ® for France.

Process Communication Model® (PCM) is an Observation and Communication model based on research carried out by Taibi Kahler, PhD., during the 70s, in partnership with NASA, PCM® was created in 1982 in the United States and introduced to France in 1987 by Gérard Collignon.

This model helps develop self-awareness, awareness of others, and better optimise interpersonal relationships, particularly management and negotiation situations. This effective and highly relevant model, both in terms of individual support and team coaching, has spread rapidly in Europe, and is now distributed worldwide by KCI.

We work in partnership with KCI to distribute the PCM® model associated with the ICF reference with the Activision PCM Coaching programme. (for more information, visit our page: Process Communication Coaching Training).

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Share Coach is the Activision and Variations partner in the US. It is a very similar firm to Variations in terms of values and approaches. Managed by Anna Gallotti, Share Coach operates in the USA, Italy and France.

Its mission is:

  • To implement innovative and revolutionary strategies to encourage companies to take a quantum leap
  • To support the transformation of business, teams and individuals to encourage potential through individual, team, project group or large group coaching.
  • To improve stakeholders’ vitality, energy, confidence and awareness
  • To create, transform and promote corporate culture
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Activision and Variations work together with partners such as Terres Inconnues.

A firm specialising in collective intelligence, the facilitation of organisational learning and the development of transformation figures, Terres Inconnues has the following mission:

  • To support the development of learning communities and collective transformations, with an approach which involves developing and consolidating collective intelligence
  • To work to implement learning processes for organisations and to identify drivers and leaders to encourage a cultural change
  • To develop a high-quality presence to be aware and integrate intangible elements of interpersonal and intrapersonal relations: helping human resources officers and managers to assume their vital role to support other transformation players


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