“The professional co-development group is a training approach for people who believe they could learn from each other to improve and consolidate their approach. Individual and group reflection is encouraged through a structured consultation exercise.” (according to Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette)

Co-development is a powerful driver to encourage a managerial culture based on empowerment, cooperation and collective intelligence. It is a real source of transformation.

Do you want to facilitate co-development groups?

We offer training based on the principles of Champagne and Payette.


  • To understand the philosophy of co-development groups
  • To discover the 6 stages of the process
  • To master the key skills and approach of a facilitator
  • To put them into practice and receive feedback
  • To receive a facilitator certification


  • Two face-to-face days
  • Practical application: leading co-development sessions in a real situation
  • A training and supervision session
  • A certification day


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