Training HRD’s in coaching: a strong lever to accompany transformations

For the past five years  a coaching training program, internationally accredited by ICF, has been conducted with the HR community…

16 March 2021

Why is cooperation within teams and collective work so underdeveloped ?

According to a recent Deloitte Millenial Survey (2018 Deloitte Millenial Survey), more than 60% of young millenials around the…

23 March 2021

Remote and local management or how to invent the management of tomorrow ?

For several years, well before the COVID19 crisis, we have observed that remote work and management have been…

22 March 2021


You are in charge of your company’s transformations and human resources development, a manager or a change leader ? You…

09 March 2021

Activision partnering with Co-Wisdom Beijing to open new cohorts in China !

Activision Coaching Institute opens to China thanks to a fruitful partnership with Co-Wisdom led by Karen Wu, past president of…

15 July 2020


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